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How do I compare motorcar insurance quotes?

Getting a machine insurance quote solely takes a few minutes, as well as if y’all’ve used us before it’s fifty-fifty quicker. Just log inwards together with bank check your details are accurate in addition to upward to engagement.

Compare and acquire covered inwards 3elementary steps:

  • We’ll compare upward to 142 auto insurance companies1 to help observe the right policy at the right price. View monthly or annual prices and add whatever optional extras
  • Confirm your policy and buy online

Once you lot’ve bought your automobile insurance policy don’t forget to come back too pick out a freebie with Rewards**

We compare upward to 142 trusted insurance companies1 to acquireyou lot our cheapest bargain inward minutes

What do I need to compare quotes?

There are a few details you lot’ll need to get going:

  • Your personal details – your mention, age, where y’all live and what your business is
  • Details of your machine – the make, model and whatever modifications made to it
  • The type of comprehend you lot demand – how you use your machine, your annual mileage in addition to whether you want comprehensive,third-party solely or tertiary political party burn & theft embrace

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Why takeus?

  • We’re 100% independent in addition to not owned by an insurance society. We base the prices nosotros demo y’all on the details you give us. We’ll always present you lot our best prices that are available at the time, no matter who they’re from.
  • We’ve helped millions of customers save money since nosotros invented motorcar insurance comparing in 2002.
  • We’re rated ‘Excellent’ onTrustpilot as well as 96% of our customers would recommend us on Each twelvemonth nosotros aid over 1.viii meg people buy their automobile insurance.
  • Choosefrom 4 corking rewardsevery time yous buy machine or home insurance with us. No confusing gimmicks or things you won’t utilization or need.
  • Great Britain customer support. If you lot demand help, our Cardiff-based squad is here to support you lot. Visit our contact page to observe ways to acquire inward touching.

Do I need auto insurance?

Yes – auto insurance is a legal requirement ifyous own or employment a auto, unless you lot declare it off the route with a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

If y’all’re caught driving without insurance, you lot could confront a £300 fine in addition to half-dozen penalty points on your licence. But if the case ends upwards in courtroom, y’all could face up an unlimited fine. As good as afine together with points, your motorcar risks existence impounded or even destroyed. This could make your time to come auto insurance quotes more expensive.

What are the iii levels of motorcar insurance?

There are three primary options to choose from when buying motorcar insurance. But the lowest flat of cover isn’t always the cheapest. A higher encompass plane, similar comprehensive insurance, may offer more protection at a cheaper toll.

  • Third-party automobileinsurance is the lowest plane of embrace available together with the minimum legal level of cover required to drive. It covers yous if yous harm someone else’s belongings or hurt them while driving, too covers your passengers as well.
  • Third-political party burn down & theft offers everything included amongst tertiary-political party embrace. But it also covers your automobile for repair or replacement costs if it’s stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance also known equally ‘fully comp’ gives you the most protection. It covers yous together with your automobile equally well as other people and their belongings.

Compare inexpensive car insurance quotes

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How much does car insurance cost?

The average price of acomprehensive car insurance policy inward the U.K. is £5542.

Here are the average costs of policies for different historic period groups:

Age Average premium2
xviii £1,581
21 £1,289
25 £971
35 £685
45 £550
55 £429 Q3 2022 price index data

You can get a rough idea of how much your machine insurance costs might be by using our motorcar insurance figurer.

How are car insurance quotes calculated?

There’s a lot that goes into how much y’all pay for your car insurance.Insurance companies utilization various factors to make up one’s mind how likely y’all are to make a claim, which is reflected in your toll.

Some of the bigger factors are:

  • Where y’all live
  • Your age
  • The automobile y’all own
  • What you lot do for a living
  • Your driving history
  • Yourannual mileage
  • How secure your car is
  • Your voluntary excess
  • Who else drives your automobile
  • Where you live will impact your automobile insurance toll. If you alive inwards a built-upwards expanse with more than vehicle offense yous’ll probable be paying more than than someone living in a rural surface area where the risks are lower.
  • Your historic period and driving feel are meaning to insurers.Generally, the younger you lot are, the less driving experience you hold. In insurers’ eyes this way you lot’re more than likely to have an accident as well as brand a claim.
  • The automobile you drive has ane of the largest effects on your insurance costs. Bigger, high-performance together with expensive models, every bit well as cars amongst modifications, normally cost insurers more than to repair after an accident. Desirable too valuable cars are also more oft a target for opportunistic thieves.
  • Whaty’all do for a living is important equally it gives an indication to insurers of how much time you lot spend on the road. Long days behind the bike or travelling to multiple sites a twenty-four hours mightiness increment your adventure of making a claim.
  • Your driving history including previous claims or accidents assist give insurance companies an thought of how you drive. If yous’ve made a claim inwards the past 5 years, this will bear upon the cost of your insurance.Driving convictions also contribute to the amount y’all pay.
  • Your annual mileage tells insurers how much you’re on the route. The more miles yous rack upwards, the greater the take a chance of an accident.
  • How secure your machine is tin have a sizable impact on your policy. Cars fitted amongst an alert, immobiliser in addition to tracker are harder to steal in addition to easier torecover. Good security measures could assist proceed your costs down.
  • Your voluntary excess is the amount of money y’all pay towards a motorcar insurance claim. The higher this excess, the lower the toll tends to be.
  • Who else drives your motorcar is important equally it’s an additional risk. Depending on the named drivers’ historic period, feel together with claims history, yourcosts tin go upwards or downwardly.

How tin I acquire cheaper machine insurance?

Unless yous enjoin them otherwise, most insurers automatically renew your policy each year. The cost of auto insurance goes upwardly too downwardly, therefore don’t merely accept the renewal toll y’all’re offered. Shop around for cheaper motorcar insurance as well as compare quotes to make surely you’re getting the best policy for the cost.

Here are 10 things y’all tin can do that could aid y’allpay less for your motorcar insurance:

1. Add a named driver. But always list the somebody who drives the machine most oft every bit the main driver in addition to any occasional drivers as additional. Otherwise, this is known as fronting, which is illegal.

2. Increaseyour voluntary excess to pay more than towards whatever claims. Just make sure as shooting y’all consider any compulsory excess listed on a policy equally you lot’ll also need to pay this if yous brand a claim.

3. Build up your no-claims bonus (NCB). Some insurers mightiness ask you lot for proof of your NCB – yous should be able to get this from your previous or electric current insurer

4. Pay annually if yous tin. You’ll e’er be charged more than by choosing to pay monthly.This is normally inwards the form of involvement or an admin fee. While it spreads the cost over the twelvemonth it will on average finish upwards costing you lot over xv% extra.3.

5. Only select the add-ons y’all demand. Adding unnecessary extras, like breakdown embrace or legal assistance is likely to increment the cost of your quote.

six. Choosing the correct task title keeps your prices accurate equally insurers usage your occupation every bit a rating factor when calculatingthe cost of your insurance.

seven. Buy your policy early to get the cheapest price. The later on yous leave of absence it, the more you pay for your insurance. We think the best fourth dimension to purchase your motorcar insurance is around iii weeks before your renewalthree.

eight. Compare dissimilar levels of embrace – the most basic encompass doesn’t necessarily arrive the cheapest. In fact, comprehensive policies tin can oftentimes live cheaper fifty-fifty though you lot acquire a higher plane of comprehend.

nine.Think near how you lot use your machine together with pick the encompass that matches your needs. Social use, social & commuting too concern utilization offer different levels of comprehend depending on how yous utilisation your motorcar.

10. Be accurate alongside your mileage thence you lot’re solely paying for miles y’all’re driving. The average yearly mileage is around half dozen,500iii, but think nearly the types of trips you lot do together with how oft y’all do them. You tin can fifty-fifty check the mileage between your concluding MOTs to reckon howmany miles you lot drove inward the last 12 months.

threeBased on data May 2022 – Oct 2022

What our auto insurance adept says

With costs rise for many across the United Kingdom, making savings where yous can is more important than ever. When it comes to insurance, comparing prices is the easiest way to make surely you lot’re getting a good bargain.

If y’all’re worried almost existence able to pay for your insurance inwardi go, consider paying for it monthly. It’ll cost y’all a fiddling more than, but it does permit y’all spread the cost over 12 months. Just recollect to brand your payment each calendar month to avoid your policy beingness cancelled or getting extra charges from your insurer.

Louise Thomas - Car insurance, personalFinance, mortgage and life insurance expert signature

Louise Thomas

Car insurance expert

What car insurance add together-ons can I acquire?

When you get your automobile insurance quote, y’all hold the choice to add extra features or ‘add-ons’. Some are included as standard too others are optional. Only add what y’all demand, every bit includingadd-ons tin touch your price.

Breakdown embrace volition help you lot out if your car breaks downwardly at the roadside. If it can’t live fixed at the roadside, depending on your cover, the breakdown society volition tow you lot to a nearby garageor your home. Some policies include onward transport to assist acquire yous where you lot demand to become, or European comprehend if you’re travelling further afield.

Motor legal protection, or legal comprehendevery bit it’s also known, could help y’all recover sure uninsured losses. These are costs that aren’t covered by your own automobile insurance policy if you lot’re involved in a route accident that wasn’t your mistake. Depending on the policy, it tin can include the cost of:

  • A solicitor
  • Medical treatment
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Travel costs

Courtesy machine encompass provides y’all amongst a replacement automobile if yours is in the garage following an accident.

Windscreen-encompass pays for the repair or replacement of your windscreen, bring up window or side windows next an accident.

Personal accident comprehend pays compensation if you lot’re injured in a road accident, even if yous’re at fault. It also pays a lump gist if you lot choke inwards a motorcar accident.

NCB protection allows y’all to hold a sure amount of ‘at mistake’ accidents without affecting the bonus. e’er deliver the best deals for my automobile insurance in addition to I stand up by them for best customer service.

5 star rating

Daniel – customer (November 2022)

Easy to usage as well as produces the cheapest quotes.

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Easy and quick way to get a range of comparable quotes.

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Rajan – customer (November 2022)

I found it real slowlyto utilization and the cheapest quotes compared to other sites, volition live using again.

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Absolutely bright service. Reasonable prices as well.

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Excellent. Saves me coin every yr.

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What form of cars tin can I insure?

Electric cars are notwithstanding fairly new to the market. As a resultant, parts are less readily available thence they may require specialist servicing. Insurers regard this equally a chance which can brand them more than expensive to insure.

Classic cars are oft driven for leisure and tend to comprehend fewer miles. They also hold lower speed limits, which is 1 of the reasons why insuring them is unremarkably cheaper than touchstonemotorcar insurance.

Modified cars alongside updates similar tinted windows, spoilers, as well as engine upgrades tin can make your auto unique. But they tin also increment the take a chance of theft or an expensive repair neb. This is why insurers sort out modifications as higher take chances, which tin increment your costs. Make sure yous declare any modifications when yous acquire a quote, therefore y’all have got the right plane of embrace.

Imported cars brought to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from abroad tin cost more than toinsure. Not entirely are they oftentimes higher spec together with have got more than powerful engines, the cost to repair in addition to source spare parts is usually higher. This is reflected in the cost you lot pay.

What other types of automobile insurance tin can I acquire?

Depending on your circumstances, or how you use your machine you lot power desire:

Black box car insurance icon

Black box carinsurance

lets you try y’all’re a condom driver, together with save money on your policy, even if y’all’re inexperienced or seen as high adventure.

Classic car insurance icon

Classic car insurance

offers cover for owners of classic cars. For insurance purposes, a classic machine tin be whatsoever auto that’s older than xv years.

Business car insurance icon

Business carinsurance

covers you if you lot exercise your car for go, including travelling betwixt offices or across the land.

Need more than help?

How long are quotes valid for?

Thisdepends on the insurer, some quotes expire the same mean solar day y’all get them, together with others can final longer.

You tin can find the decease appointment for each quote below the annual or total toll, too your previous quotes nether the ‘quotes’ section of your Confused.combusiness relationship.

Will I hold to pay whatever admin fees?

The most common occasions where you power pay an admin fee are:

  • Where yous cancel your motorcar insurance policy earlier the 12 months is upwardly. This is also knownequally a mid-term cancellation.
  • When yous modify your automobile insurance policy details – for representative, a alter of address, or a modify of car.

You should cheque the terms and weather condition of your policy for any other fees that might apply.

Will I be charged if I cancel my policy?

Most insurers don’t accuse a cancellation fee inside the starting time xiv days of your policy start date. But if you lot desire to cancel your policy after that, y’all’re probable to face a cancellation fee.

This is typically charged to cover admin fees and documents. For more info, bank check out our guide onhow to cancel your motorcar insurance policy.

What is a no-claims bonus (NCB)?

A no-claims bonus (NCB) is the issue of years that yous haven’t claimed on your motorcar insurance policy. Insurers offering discounts for each twelvemonth you haven’t claimed. The more years y’all hold, the biggerthe discount equally you lot’re less likely to claim in the time to come.

Each fourth dimension you lot make a claim on your motorcar insurance, your insurer mightiness reduce your NCB by a issue of years or fifty-fifty convey it away completely.

Most insurance companies will only take your NCB if you’ve earned it as a policyholder of a privately insured machine, so if y’all’ve built upwards NCB on a society motorcar, this probable won’t count but double bank check with the society directly.

I’ve changed my motorcar, how do I transfer my existing machine insurance to my new motorcar?

All yous need to do is call your auto insurance company as well as tell them you’ve changed your auto. Depending on when you lot do this, in that location might be an admin fee. Your insurance costscould also change, depending on the motorcar.

If you’re inward the browsing stages of buying a new automobile, it power be worth shopping around for automobile insurance quotes beforehand.

What if I can’t detect my job championship?

If you tin can’t detect your exact job championship, it could be listed under a similar description instead. For instance, if you lot’re an information technology managing director, seek entering ‘computer’ or ‘manager’ to consider if some other pick fits the pecker. Don’t worry if yous tin’t detect your exact job title, you tin confirm it with the insurer earlier y’all purchase the policy

How do I work out my auto’s value?

When yous get a quote, nosotros’ll judge the marketplace value of your automobile based on averages of the brand as well as model, in addition to historic period. If you lot want to discover out an accurate thought of your machine’s value yous can employment our gratismachine valuation tool.

Is it cheaper to pay for auto insurance annually or monthly?

Typically it’s cheaper to pay for insurance in 1 become. According to our data, paying monthly via direct debit will on average finish upwardly costing you over 15% extra. (based on information May 2022 – Oct 2022) Usually this is because of additional interest charges added to the monthly payment programme.

How tin can I run out my annual mileage?

If y’all know on average how many miles you lot drive per calendar week, y’all tin acquire an approximate by multiplying that figure by 52 to get a yearly figure. You can also cheque your terminal MOT ifyous’ve owned the motorcar a year or more, using your documents or the GOV.United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland MOT checker to notice the details.

Does lower mileage mean cheaper motorcar insurance?

This is sometimes the example, but non ever. A high mileage way you’re on the road a lot, which increases the gamble of you making a claim. So, keeping your mileage inwards check is ane way to lower your insurance costs.

On the other mitt, a depression annual mileage – say, 1,000 miles – could signal that you lot’re not that experienced behind the wheel. This could also impact your insurancecosts. It’s always best to live completely honest amongst mileage, therefore essay to live every bit accurate every bit possible.

Do I demand automobile insurance if my automobile is off the route?

No. But it must hold a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN) together with ittin can’t be parked or kept on a world road. The SORN lasts every bit long every bit y’all need it to in addition to comes off as soon every bit y’all tax the car, it must then live insured once it’s back on the road.

Do I demand a creditcheck to get insurance quotes?

When yous get quotes through our site, you lot’ll commonly see ‘soft searches’ on your credit study. These are cipher to worry near. They’re alone visible to you lot together with don’t touch your credit rating. A ‘soft search’ is commonly only used to confirm your identity.

The only time y’all’ll reckon a ‘hard’ search is if y’all choose to pay for your motorcar insurance monthly. This is because the insurer will demand to bank check you lot tin can comprehend the payments of thecontract; usually 12 months.

Can I drive someone else’s automobile?

You mightiness live able to drive someone else’s machine if you lot have a comprehensive machine insurance policy. Check alongside your insurer to consider if your policy has theDriving Other Cars (DOC) feature, every bit not all policies offer this.

Even if you have it, this exclusively entitles you to 3rd-party embrace on someone else’s machine. So, if yous want to live fully covered, consider a temporary car insurance policy, or get yourself added every bit a named driver.

Can I add together someone to an existing motorcar insurance policy?

Yes, y’all tin add named drivers to your motorcar insurance policy. To add another driver, y’all’ll demand their:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Details of any accidents and claims
  • Details of whatever motoring convictions

Depending on the driver, this might heighten or lower your motorcar insurance costs.

It’s important to think that the person who does thevolume of the driving should live listed every bit the primary driver. And whatever named drivers exclusively employment the automobile occasionally.

Am I insured to drive abroad?

If you lot have got a measure 12-calendar month automobile insurance policy inwards the UK, y’all’reunremarkably covered to drive in some European countries for upward to 30 days. Make certainly you lot bring your driving licence alongside you lot, every bit well as your insurance documents.

Depending on the land you’re visiting, yous mightiness demand to get an insurance greenish bill of fare together with an International Driving Permit. See our guide on driving abroad for more info.

Can I renew my car insurance online?

If yous decide to renew your machine insurance policy amongst the same insurer, you don’t demand to do anything. Unless yous make up one’s mind to alter your motorcar insurance provider, your policy should automatically renew. But don’t forgetto update whatsoever changes to yous or your machine.

Even if you lot’re comfortable with your renewal price, it’s yet worth shopping around together with comparing motorcar insurance quotes. You could salve yourself even more money for simply a few minutes’ go.

Does my job affect my auto insurance?

Your job title, the industry y’all work inwards together with your work status will bear on the toll of your quote. This is because insurers exercise your occupation every bit a rating component, too people inwards certain professions are seen every bit riskier than others. Our guide on how task titles bear upon your car insurance explains more than.

Can I insure two cars at the same time?

Yes, you can insure more than than i automobile. Some motorcar insurance companies cater specifically for this and offering a multi-automobile insurance policy. This lets you add together multiple cars under asingle policy, which should live easier to manage. You power also acquire a discount for each auto yous add together to the policy.

I made a claim terminal year, volition my insurance get upward?

As afull general rule, your insurance price is likely to get up if y’all’ve made a claim. Even if the accident wasn’t your mistake, a claim commonly results inward an increased cost. If yous’ve lost your NCB, you mightiness also lose out on whatsoever discounts that may have got been applied to your previous policies.

Do I have to enjoin my insurers nearly an accident if I’m non going to claim?

Yes, you should enjoin your insurer near whatsoever accident involving your auto, fifty-fifty if yous don’t make a claim. When y’all acquire a car insurance policy, we enquire y’all near all accidents inwards the yesteryear v years. If you lot don’t disclose a previous accident, it could void whatever hereafter claims y’all make.

Do driving courses assist lower the cost of insurance?

Some insurance companies might offering a discount if you lot’ve taken a Pass Plus course or anadvanced driving course of study. These courses bolster your driving skills, which inwards theory should trim back your adventure of an accident as well as, in plow, your insurance costs. Check alongside the insurer whether they offering these discounts.

Is my pickup classed as a automobile or van?

If you have a pickup and yous’re looking for insurance, yous demand to become to our van insurance page to get a quote. This is because 4x4s are mostly classified equally cars together with pickup trucks aren’t. This is due to pickups having longer bike base as well as the fact they ofttimestranscend 3.5 tonnes.

How has coronavirus affected motorcar insurance?

Working and driving habits have changed drastically since Covid-xix. If your car insurance is upwardly for renewal, it’s worthdouble checking all your details to make surely that they still reflect how you drive. For representative, if you’re driving less, or aren’t commuting as you’re working from abode your car insurance costs could live lower.

What are the FCA insurancerenewal guidelines in addition to how do they impact me?

In an attempt to care for customers fairly, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has created rules that stop insurance companies from penalising loyal customers. This is known every bit price walking.

The rules province that insurers are required to offering customers who renew their policy a toll that’s not higher than if they were a novel customer buying inwards the same way. The FCA believes this should salvage customers £4.2 billion overthe next decade.

This doesn’t hateful that your renewal cost is going to be less than last twelvemonth. A range of factors come into how motorcar insurance prices are calculated, but you shouldn’t be penalised past sticking amongst your existing insurer.

But at that place notwithstanding might live savings to be had. Even if your cost is the same or a flake cheaper than concluding twelvemonth, it’s e’er worth shopping around.

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Car insurance tin be expensive when yous’re a educatee. With temporary educatee machine insurance, only pay for the cover you lot demand when at university or heading dwelling house.

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